Welcome to Caldwell-Abbay Hall

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Current Events

CANHA Meeting

CANHA leadership elections
10:00 am Feb 17 2024. New Location: Crieve Hall Church of Christ, 4806 Trousdale Drive. Across from Yogis and Crieve Hall Bagel.

Southminster Presbyterian Church

southminister plans

Next informational Meeting

September 30 * Southminster Presbyterian Church meeting about their plans for the property on W Longdale and Harding. "We'll be hosting a neighborhood meeting at Southminster on September 30th to share project updates and hear our neighbors' questions. " Pastor Beth Smith McCaw & the team at Southminster Presbyterian Church

Info from the July 15 meeting

Southminster Presbyterian Church presented their plans for the property on W Longdale and Harding. This is the first of many meeting about their plans. They plan to expand their Daycare, add a coffee shop, and build a 60 unit space of affordable housing.

The coffee shop would require rezoning for that building only. The other area would not need rezoning

Here is the document they presented. They handed a print out of this and it was on their QR code that was on screen during the slide show. Southminster has a form for questions or sign up for emails for their community updates and events, Fill out the form here.

CANHA Meeting 10:00 am at the Southminister Presbyterian Church July 15 2023.

Rev. Beth McCaw, the pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church will present the congregation's vision for what they are calling the Southminster Campus Development Plan. It includes expanded child care, after school programming/coffee shop, and affordable housing. There will be time for questions following.

Redistriciting News

They have updated the map. Please look and comment

A New state law is requring Nashville to reduce and redraw City council district lines. You can read about and give your thoughts on Redistricting Nashville.

There are also public Input sessions on April 3.

  • Monday, April 3:
  • West Precinct, 5500 Charlotte Pike
  • 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Monday, April 3.
  • Southeast Community Center, 5260 Hickory Hollow Pkwy
  • 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Amendment to the Southeast Community

Informational Meeting This Wednesday to Discuss an Amendment to the Southeast Community Plan A very significant change to our neighborhood has been proposed for the area between Blackman and Elysian Fields along Trousdale Drive and on Harding from Trousdale east to Wauford Drive. This change would permanently affect the residential area of our neighborhood. The amendment is identified as 2021CP-012-002. More Information on our newsletter.

Welcome to Caldwell-Abbay Hall

Welcome to Caldwell-Abbay Hall Neighborhood Association! We enjoy quiet residential streets, but we can hear an occasional monkey or flamingo from the zoo to our north. We celebrate the diversity of our neighbors: some of us have just bought our first home, others have lived here for 50 years; we are black and white, Kurdish and Hispanic. We are musicians, students, accountants, teachers, medical professionals, and more. Most of us like to garden a bit and we'll give you tips on what grows well here as you walk or drive by. We love to walk our dogs, jog and ride bikes on our safe streets. We are a mile from the interstate, 7 miles from Vandy, and less than 10 miles from downtown.

The CAHNA is working hard to help preserve what we love about living here and to help make improvements that will benefit all of us. Attending the quarterly meetings gives you an opportunity to get to know some of your neighbors better, learn something new, and get involved in making our neighborhood better. We are well attended by our local council and state representatives who provide us with updates on state and local government changes. In 2010 we helped restock the clothes closet at Norman Binkley Elementary School. We look forward to continuing our support of this neighborhood school.

Ellen Britton preforming at CAHNA Block party

Traffic Calming Program

Dear CAHNA Neighbors:

We are excited that Caldwell-Abbay Hall was selected for the Metro Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program and we are preparing to engage Metro more deeply in this process.

First, a little background on how we got to this place. This conversation between Caldwell-Abbay Hall Neighborhood Association (CAHNA) dates back at least 4 years when we engaged Metro to deal with worsening traffic problems. Eventually, Metro solicited applications from neighborhoods for a new traffic calming initiative. CAHNA responded and was selected as one of eight neighborhoods out of a total field of more than 60 neighborhoods that applied. Over the last few years, Public Works has conducted traffic studies in our neighborhood. This spring, Metro asked CAHNA to collect feedback from neighbors. That information was shared with Metro ( click here to view what we provided and Public Work’s feedback). Metro evaluated the feedback in conjunction with the traffic studies to make recommendations for our neighborhood. Metro shared preliminary recommendations with the CAHNA Steering Committee. The Steering Committee displayed Metro’s recommendations at the May 18, Block Party (the same information can be found here).

The next step is to host a community conversation at the CAHNA quarterly meeting – Saturday, July 20, at 10:00 a.m. at Southminster Presbyterian Church. Derek Hagerty, with the Metro Public Works, will present their recommendations, solicit feedback, explain their process, and establish next steps. This meeting is not intended to be the final conversation. While Metro is guiding this process, at a minimum we know that it will take signatures from neighbors to approve any changes. Derek will explain this at the meeting.

Thanks for being a good neighbor and we hope to see you at the July meeting.

The CAHNA Steering Committee
Ellen Britton preforming at CAHNA Block party

School District


Our School district is district 7. The official site for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is here. Our elementary school is Norman Binkley Elementary (pre K-4th grade). The middle school is Croft Middle Design Center, and John Overton is the High School for our district.

Caldwell Abbay Hall Neighborhood brick and stone sign


No Knock List

You can now register at Nashville.gov to have your address added to Metro's new No Knock list to reduce unwanted solicitation. In Davidson County, any company conducting residential door-to-door solicitation of any goods, wares, merchandise, or services must first apply for a solicitation permit with the Metropolitan Clerk's Office. These permits are valid for two years. They must check the list an cannot knock on your door if your are on the list. See full details at Nashville.gov

Citizens Rights

You have the right to ask a solicitor for their identification badge. An owner or lawful occupant may register their property for the "no knock list". The address will be on the registry for 365 days.

Drinking Water Report

We are pleased to deliver our 2019 Consumer Confidence Report, which shows your water meets or exceeds all of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) health standards and all state and federal requirements.
Read the report at 2019 Nashville Drinking Water Report

Mural at Mama Mia's
February 2009

CAHNA wins Neighborhood Watch Award

On Thursday, March 12, 2015 next-door.com in collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods held a press conference to acknowledge several neighborhoods for different accomplishments. We are proud to share that CALDWELL ABBAY HALL NA was acknowledged as "Strongest Neighborhood Watch Program".
Thank you to each and every neighbor who helps keep our neighborhood safe and a great place to live.