Trash * Recycling * Brush Collection

Trash Pick up for the Caldwell-Abbay Hall area is on Thursdays. Recycling pick-up is every two weeks. The brown cart is for trash. The green cart is for recycling.

How to Use Your Trash Cart

  • Look under your cart lid for your pick-up day. In 2020 they changed some pick up day for the city. You may have an old sticker that says Wednesday. Caldwell-Abbay is now a Thursday pickup. Other area look online.
  • On Jan 20 2023 Recyling increase to every two weeks. It is no longer the first Thursday of the month.
  • On your pick-up day, place your cart on the curb or in the alley with the arrow on the lid pointing toward the street or alley. Your trash will be picked up between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Do not place the cart within 3 feet of any stationary object such as a car, mailbox, utility pole, Curby cart, etc.
  • Do not place the cart under wires, tree limbs, building overhangs or other items that could be damaged. Please make sure there is 15 feet of clearance.
  • Items that are placed outside the trash cart will not be picked up.
  • Please remove your cart from the street by 7 p.m. on pick-up day.
  • Recycling and trash are not collected on New Years Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. Any collection day that falls on one of these holidays will be picked up one day later than normal. All pickups after the holiday will be delayed by one day.

Nashville Trash collection program

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Recycling pick up for the Caldwell-Abbay Hall area is every two weeks. Place your Green Cart on the curb by 7 am on the day of pick up.

How to Use Your Cart

Accepted Materials

ALL PAPER & BOXES : office paper, magazines, junk mail, newspaper, computer paper, notebook paper, phone books, paperback books, construction paper, brown paper bags, milk or juice cartons (empty), cardboard boxes, food boxes (clean - no food). All boxes should be broken down.

ALL PLASTIC BOTTLES & CONTAINERS: drink bottles and their caps, detergent & cleaner bottles and their caps, yogurt/cottage cheese and other dairy "tubs" and their lids (please empty containers) and plastic trays, such as the lunchable type containers (any color except black trays - optical sorting machines can't see them).

ALL METAL & ALUMINUM CANS: empty food and drink cans, empty aresol cans, foils and trays.

Materials not accepted in carts are glass, and soiled food containers such as pizza boxes, black plastics, plastic toys, plastic bags.

Curbside Recycling

Brush and Leaf Collection

The next scheduled Brush pick-up date is June 17, 2024.

We are in area 6. 2023-2024 dates are September 22 2023, December 27 2023, March 13 2024, June 17 2024

"Residents in Metro Nashville's Urban and General Services Districts have their brush and yard waste collected three times a year on a rotation schedule along 12 routes. Instead of chippers, Metro Public Works uses knuckle boom trucks equipped with a mechanical arm that lifts brush piles up and into a trailer that's pulled behind the truck."


All leaves and grass clippings MUST BE PLACED in BIODEGRADABLE PAPER BAGS for collection. Leaves or grass clippings placed in plastic bags will NOT BE picked up.

More details at Where you can sign up for email reminders.

You can take brush to the nearby Ezell Pike location. It is at 3254 Ezell Pike (Located on Ezell Pike behind the South Police Precinct 5113 Harding Place.

Yard Waste Recycling - Residents will need to place yard waste at the curb or alley for collection (leaves and grass clippings must be placed in biodegradable paper bags). All yard waste (brush, grass and leaves) is banned from solid waste collection and cannot be placed in trash containers or dumpsters.

Christmas Tree Drop Off

Davidson County residents can leave their trees at one of 10 Metro sites and Public Works will collect them for mulching.
All trees must be free of lights, ornaments, icicles, all tinsel and garland. No flocked trees will be accepted.

WHEN: Late December to Mid-February, Please make use of this our brush pick up is scheduled right before Christmas and the next brush pick up will not be till March.
WHERE: Any one of the following Metro Parks:
Cane Ridge, Cedar Hill, Edwin Warner, Elmington, Joelton, Richland,
Sevier, Two Rivers and Whitfield; or Una Recreation Center, 136 Una Recreation Road.

William Whitfield is the nearest drop off point to our area. It is just before the Ellington Agricultural Center and the Edmondson Pike Library. 2015 information

Extra Cart, Extra fees

July 1, 2012
Trash Cart Fees for More Than Two Carts - Public Works will begin phasing in fees for multiple trash carts at residences and businesses that use the brown trash carts for collection. Residents and businesses using more than two trash carts will be charged a collection and disposal fee for the additional trash. To receive collection of more than 2 trash containers, customers will need to pay a monthly collection and disposal fee that reflects the actual cost to Public Works for collecting and disposing of that additional trash.

Public Works will provide customers additional recycling carts and monthly collection of recycling at no additional cost.

More at

Hazardous and Electronic waste

Hazardous and Electronic waste can be taken to the East Waste and recycling facility off of Trinity Lane. Monday - Saturday 7:30 AM- 5 PM and Noon to 4 PM on Sundays.
Residents can bring up to 15 gallons or 100 pounds of household hazardous waste and one computer system each month. There is no fee to drop-off household hazardous or electronic waste at the East Convenience Center. Acceptable items include Tvs, Cds, Vcrs, video tapes, light bulbs, and many chemicals and cleaners. see for full list of acceptable and unacceptable items.

Electronic waste can also be taken to Omohundro Waste and Recycling Facility at 1019 Omohundro Place. (mon-sat 7:30-5, sun 12-4)

For questions about household hazardous waste call (615) 880-1000 For a list of used oil collection locations call 800-287-9013.