Updates from councilman Jeremy Elrod

Jeremy Elrod has these updates

 Every four years, each property in the state is reappraised for the purposes of how much the property owner must pay in property taxes. As the Davidson County Property Assessor’s Office finishes its reappraisals, it’s looking like Council District 26 (which Caldwell Abbay Hall is in) will see around a 44% increase from the last appraisal four years ago. Home values going up is a good thing, except for when it’s time to pay property taxes. The property tax rate will have to be adjusted and lowered, but we can expect to see an increase in our property tax bill simply because our homes are worth more. 

Our school system is seeing is seeing an increased number of students. Both Norman Binkley Elementary and Overton High School are undergoing additions and renovations. These additions help to keep up with some of the growth in South Nashville and in the Overton cluster, but eventually a new elementary school will have to be built in the area. 

· Coming soon, Public Works will be building a sidewalk on Wauford Drive from Harding Place to the existing sidewalk near the school.

· Mayor Megan Barry will be delivering her State of Metro address on April 26 at 10 am at Bridgestone Arena, which the unveiling of her budget proposal.

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